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Firms that start out with a well structured governance framework in place stand a considerably better chance of success than those that do not.  That progress is boosted by metrics met, targets met, and tidy records. Are you there yet?

Small firms need SEEIO – our stage-appropriate software.

Look forward

Newest firms and growing firms use SEEIO to:

  • See risk and deal with it

  • See tasks and achieve them

  • See forecasts and plan ahead

  • Store documents in a confidential secure dataroom, you share with any investor in the marketplace any time you choose

  • Be smart, prepared, competitive and investment ready RISK, TARGETS, FORECASTS AND MEETINGS


Our Success Stories

Seizing competitive gains

Success in business, has so many parts: Achieve product market fit Raise capital successfully Prove concept Look good to stakeholders …

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Align with the Companies Act 2006 in the digital age ….

  • Act in long term interest of your company

  • Sustainably

  • Aware

  • Fair

  • High standards

  • Alive to the interests of all the relevant stakeholders

SEEIO is the platform made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Essential tools

SEEIO governance power tools – use one – or all

Risk Management
The Risk Management tool, guides your strategic thinking. SEEIO platform,comes ready-made with the risks all startups face in their journey to greatness. Users modify these risks as they see fit, and the platform prompts Users to monitor and manage the risks. Fully automated Reports on risk management are generated by the platform ready for the next board meeting. A huge time-saver, that also averts problems down the line.
Cashflow Monitoring tool
Check monthly on cashflow status, as a vital check to the financial health of your emerging firm.
Track Targets
Set work goal, sales, production, stakeholder management and other targets and allocate to team members, with automatic reporting taking care of in SEEIO. A consolidated Targets report is automatically generated by you, ready for printing or displaying at the next company or board meeting.
Free Corporate Policies
Access your range of free Corporate Policies within SEEIO, boosting your firm’s corporate policies to enhance team knowledge and adherence to sensible protocols.
Board Meetings and team meetings
Your confidential Board calendar is viewed on the software platform, and sends you notifications when dates and deadlines are coming up. Automatically generate your board meeting Agenda, Minutes and Calendar of next meeting. All the tools in your SEEIO subscription work together, to make your board meeting the best informed it has ever been.
Digital Data-Room
Start filling up your data room of key corporate documents, ready for any due diligence moment and to get you organised well ahead of future milestones. Your confidential, secure and essential VDR virtual data room.
Legal Statutory Registers
Your confidential register of the documents required by Companies House.

Get growth and investor ready.

We are your one-stop platform, for Portfolio risk management, reporting and corporate records.