SEEIO is the one-stop governance platform specifically designed for early stage and scale-up firms.

Get the ‘Must Have’ that powers growth: SEEIO governance power tools improve decision making and business records – for investability, for better access to credit and banking, for you to attract funding and enhance your ultimate business sale


  • Cash burn monitoring tool
  • Risk management tool
  • Track targets
  • Free policies
  • Secure document store
  • Automated Board & other meetings
  • Due dates reminder

All companies who want to scale and grow, need a governance framework of company management to succeed.  You also need to meet your duties as a director, at all times.

SEEIO gives you essential governance tools – created bespoke for the compliance needs of early stage and scale-up.  Not expensive or over-engineered … literally purpose-built for growing firms.

SEEIO: Grown-up governance for ambitious companies.

SEEIO governance tools

Risk management
The Risk Management tool, guides your strategic thinking. SEEIO platform,comes ready-made with the risks all startups face in their journey to greatness. Users modify these risks as they see fit, and the platform prompts Users to monitor and manage the risks. Fully automated Reports on risk management are generated by the platform ready for the next board meeting. A huge time-saver, that also averts problems down the line.
Board meetings tool (agenda, executive reports, minutes)
The Board meeting tool saves you loads of time by automatically generating Agendas from your items due for consideration that month and the key risks you face. You select the frequency of board meetings. The extremely handy Agenda, is fully modifiable by Users who can change, edit, move, or delete items within the Agenda. Minutes are prompted and guided the same way. Useful for Board meetings or any general management meeting.
Corporate records store
Keep your earliest and important corporate records in SEEIO confidential data room. Its your records store. Perfect for when you need to showcase your firm to a new investor, for due diligence, and for the ultimate trade sale.
Stakeholder management
Of vital importance, is not operating in a vacuum, but taking account and catching valuable ideas and input, from your stakeholders. These include your employees, customers and the investors who fund you. Board Originator devotes an entire section to knowing, recording and communicating with stakeholders.
Board calendar tool
Your confidential Board calendar is viewed on the software platform, and sends you notifications when dates and deadlines are coming up.
Track Targets
Set work goals, sales targets, production targets, stakeholder management and other targets and allocate to team members, with automatic reporting taking care of in SEEIO. A consolidated Targets report is automatically generated by you, ready for printing or displaying at the next company or board meeting.

SEEIO is a SAAS platform which is designed by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, to help them organise, govern and scale their businesses.