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If you would like this Summary in another format (for example: audio, large print) please contact us by sending an email to or by calling us on 0203 855 5776. If you have any questions about the Site or this Policy, please contact us.

This is a non-exhaustive summary and does not substitute for reading our Terms. 

Our software SEEIO is for business customers only (B2B) (not individual consumers).

We are happy to take questions by phone or email, to help you understand and use the services.

Customers receive 30 days free trial (no charge) of the subscription category chosen by them.  We hope you stay with us, but you can cancel at any time in the free period.

Subscribers select the subscription that suits them best, for after the free trial:

  • 12-months Seed subscription enables up to two (2) Authorised Users, each with their own password for £300 + VAT paid upfront in advance; or
  • Monthly Seed subscription of £30 per month + VAT enables up to two (2) Authorised Users.
  • Subscribers to Scale-Up pay £100 + VAT monthly in advance, and receive up to five (5) Authorised User accounts. They may cancel with a month’s notice as explained above.
  • VCs currently have free Subscriptions. Portfolio customers of VCs must purchase a Seed or Scale up subscription as above.

At our discretion, we may offer discounts.  For example, discounts we have offered on occasion in the past have been 70% off Scale-Up for 24-26 months (plus VAT).  Our prices can change.  If you choose to add Users or move between Subscription plans, the price you pay may change accordingly.

Renewals are automatic.  Subscribers to the annual subscription can cancel by giving us at least 30 calendar days notice before subscription year-end.  If paying monthly, the subscriber can cancel by giving one month’s notice at any time can be given provided the notice is given before the 1st of the month and expires at the end of a calendar month, because we do not refund pro-rata parts of a month.

We accept orders from corporates registered within the United Kingdom and our communications are in English.  As we expand, we’ll let you know which part of the world we are in.  You can make enquiries of us if you wish to take up subscriptions outside the United Kingdom.  Depending on tax and VAT regimes we may be able to help.

Our website, Services and Subscriptions are for general information only, and do not constitute technical, financial, legal or other advice, and are not to be relied on for such purposes. You are responsible for all conclusions drawn from our material. Please see our detailed terms and conditions continually updated on our website: <>.


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