Artificial intelligence (AI) adding value in Governance and Compliance

SEEIO aims to be best in class – therefore we welcome AI and inventiveness.

SEEIO contains AI integrated seamlessly in the platform, ‘straight out of the box’:

  • If you want to, consult the integrated AI Help chatbot in SEEIO.
  • However, you can choose to never use AI Help, because that is equally valid.

SEEIO works equally well – with or without the AI – but we recognise that AI is standard stuff, so we ensure we offer customers what they would expect elsewhere – but SEEIO is equally effective if you never choose to consult the AI Help tool.  

We made SEEIO streamlined for all customers – our specialised tools ‘take the work out’ of powering your Board. 

Artificial intelligence is the icing, on our cake.

How can AI assist firms, more generally?

  • To an extent, you can train AI with your own data.
  • In the future, could AI be the ‘corporate memory’ of every board meeting and board decision?
  • Some of the many ways that AI can help reduce some of your work burden: polishing marketing materials, correspondence, templates, computer code, pitches, summarising long reports, finding research from the internet, checking for gaps in reports.

What pitfalls to watch out for?

  • If your company is adding AI to the operations it has, think about establishing an internal approval mechanism for AI within your organisation,
  • At SEEIO, we read over AI script to bring back the human flavour and remove any non-essential words because AI tools can be overly wordy, and those tools don’t necessarily understand the meaning of the words they deploy- humans nicely prune that back and get the intended meaning right,
  • linguistic learning within AI is not the same as learning from actual factual or experience, so continue to watch out for “hallucinations”,
  • Oversight and awareness – checking your AI outputs – is still important, as a human check on the AI.
  • Don’t forget to inform your customers as to AI embedded in your service or product offering, as a sign of respect not far different from the cookie notices we are all used to, but from the standpoint that hallucinatory or biased AI results, are a pitfall that customers need to watch out for and guard against.

Priorities for AI usage – set by Government (UK)

The priorities of Government, in the widest sense, for AI are:

  • Safety, security and robustness
  • Appropriate transparency and explainability
  • Fairness
  • Accountability and redress

Look out for Codes of Ethics on AI, which have been launched in the last few years. 

Codes are a good starting point, for making AI contribute positively.


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