Defusing the Chaos Bomb: Taking Control and Unleashing Your Startup’s Potential


As startup founders, we are no strangers to the thrill of navigating through a landscape of constant challenges. We excel at putting out daily fires and solving problems, but where we often struggle is recognising the importance of things further down our to-do list.  The potential issues that haven’t turned into a raging inferno… Yet!   Defusing the chaos bomb is about recognising the impending threat and taking proactive steps to implement a strong governance framework. By doing so, you’ll not only take control of your company’s trajectory but also unlock its true potential.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the crucial role of governance in startups and provide practical tips for building a solid foundation that will help you defuse the chaos bomb and propel your business forward.

The Need to Implement Governance

In the early stages of a startup, founders are typically focused on developing their product, acquiring customers, and validating their business model. At this point, governance may seem like an unnecessary burden, and the company can operate with minimal structure. However, as the company grows and takes on more employees, customers, and investors, the need for a robust governance framework becomes increasingly important.

As your startup grows, so does the pressure to implement proper governance. This pressure can come from various sources, including:

Investors: As you seek funding from institutional investors or through schemes like EIS, they will expect to see a credible governance structure in place. This demonstrates that your company is well-managed, transparent, and accountable, making it a more attractive investment opportunity.

Regulatory requirements: Depending on your industry and jurisdiction, your startup will subject to certain regulatory requirements that necessitate the implementation of governance controls.

Complexity: As your company grows in size and complexity, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage without a clear governance framework. This framework helps to establish roles, responsibilities, and decision-making processes, ensuring that your company remains agile and efficient.

A-Round Governance: Non-Negotiable

By the time your startup reaches the A round stage, governance becomes non-negotiable. As a founder, your role will likely shift from being operational to more directive, focusing on strategic decision-making and oversight. To successfully navigate this transition, it’s essential to have a strong governance framework in place first.

Building the Foundation for Strong Governance

To create a solid governance foundation, consider the following steps:

Early adoption of best practices: from the get-go begin implementing basic governance practices, such as structured corporate records, defining your corporate purpose and objectives,

Ahead of your first significant funding round generate regular financial reports and minuted board meetings.

Gradual evolution: As your company grows, gradually expand your governance framework, creating defined roles and responsibilities and making sure that you use the board of directors more as an advisory forum to refine your strategy and risk framework.  Allow the fund raising element of board meetings to be a consequence of good governance, not the whole point of the meeting.

Continuous improvement: Regularly review and refine your governance framework to ensure it remains relevant and effective as your company evolves.

Embracing dedicated governance platform SEEIO can help transform governance from a potential chaos-inducing inferno into an unstoppable force that propels your startup to new heights. By harnessing the power of digital governance management, you can streamline processes, ensure compliance, and unlock your company’s full potential, setting the stage for a successful and sustainable business journey.


While brand new companies may require little governance, the need for a robust framework increases as your startup grows. By the time you reach critical milestones such as your first institutional or EIS funding round, it’s essential to have the basics in place to prevent the chaotic monster resulting from a lack of governance. Recognise that governance is non-negotiable and requires time to build up to it. By starting early and continuously improving your governance framework, you’ll be well-prepared for the demands of post-A round growth and ensure long-term success.

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