Avoidable business pains

We’ve spoken with firms, and heard the pains you have in business – that isolated feeling. Stress and dysfunction, disorganised records, fear of regulation, precious runway and nobody helping on the tough risks and issues.  

The pains you told us about –

  • Overwhelming worries about regulation
  • Lack of knowledge about risk management
  • Maintaining investor relations is hard work and unanswered
  • Help is non-existent
  • Preparing board meetings, is difficult
  • Corporate records are disorganised
  • Fear of failure

The truth is, when you start as Founders, systems and controls are basic.  (A bank account, and an Accountant). 

If you want to grow, what you really need is robust governance systems to:

  • help you navigate the complexities of growth
  • help you spot and manage risk
  • hold effective meetings
  • enhance your appeal to investors.

In a competitive world, effective governance is crucial to success.

SEEIO is the governance platform of power tools that works – straight out of the box, to:

  • automate your risk management
  • report back to you on targets you’ve set
  • stores your corporate records
  • speeds up and stores your meetings
  • sends you key date reminders
  • so that you look good to investors.

VCs want your governance to be in order – and by A-round, governance is a “must”.

Get investment ready!

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